About Us

Ascending Training Solutions

We are a Cape Town based company that develops Technical Skills Training Material for companies, industries and training providers nationwide.

We can help your business improve quality and efficiency by providing Training Material developed specifically for your company’s needs.

We know that any company’s greatest assets are its employees, and that training and skills development are the keys to productivity, growth and success. We recognise that companies are often faced with challenges in terms of time, costs, output and convenience affected by sending employees for out-of-house training sessions.
We have also identified the growing need for unique course materials, particularly in the development of technical skills.

We have the Solution

We develop your course materials so that you acquire ownership of our customised Technical Skills! This means that courses can be facilitated by your own supervisors and managers, in your own venues, in your own time.

We take pride in the quality of our skills training and development materials and aim to:

  • Focus on Each Individual Client
  • Provide Short Lead Times
  • Keep Costs to a Minimum

We undertake to adapt the material to meet the requirements of the various SETAs as the training provider goes through the accreditation process and receives feedback from the SETA verifier as per the verifier’s report.

Ascending Training Solutions, as with any other training provider in South Africa, cannot sell “accredited training material” as the accreditation processes of the SETAs are linked to the individual company and the company’s Quality Management System.


Using our training materials for your in-house training has the following advantages:

  • Cost Saving
  • Customised Content
  • Convenience
  • Quality Consistency
  • Specially Selected Facilitating
  • Team Building

How we Work

We believe in giving each client individual attention by meeting face-to-face in order to establish exactly what the needs and expectations are.

The way we work involves the following:

  • Meeting with you for a consultation
  • Conducting a site visit to observe your day-to-day operations
  • Discussing your training needs and requirements
  • Developing training material based on our discussions
  • Submitting the training material for your approval

Ascending Training Solutions is a Level 4 contributor to B-BBEE giving a procurement recognition level of 100%.

Vision & Mission

We believe that Knowledge is the gateway to Success!

Our Vision

To Empower Employees through Learning and Development.

Our Mission

To Develop Training Materials that will:

  • Improve your company’s quality, productivity and efficiency through training and development
  • Provide your business with first-class training materials specifically designed for your company’s needs
  • Equip your trainers and managers with effective learning and development materials
  • Develop your employees’ skills and knowledge
  • Enhance the health and safety of your workforce
  • Promote a culture of life-long learning

Our Clients

We have provided Training Material to the following clients: