About Us

Ascending Training Solutions

Headed by Carl Miller, who has been involved in training and skills development since 2006, Ascending Training Solutions strives to improve business quality and efficiency by providing technical training material and operational procedures developed specifically for your needs.

His first-hand experience as a production manager as well as significant knowledge of processes essential for quality output, means that he understands the needs and challenges of learners, supervisors, and management.

Ascending About Us Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To Empower Employees through Learning and Development.

Our Mission

To Develop Training Materials that will:

  • Improve your company’s quality, productivity and efficiency through training and development
  • Provide your business with first-class training materials specifically designed for your company’s needs
  • Equip your trainers and managers with effective learning and development materials
  • Develop your employees’ skills and knowledge
  • Enhance the health and safety of your workforce
  • Promote a culture of life-long learning

Accreditation FAQs

Ascending Training Solutions undertakes to adapt the material to meet the requirements of the various SETAs as the training provider goes through the accreditation process and receives feedback from the SETA verifier as per the verifier’s report.

Ascending Training Solutions as with any other training provider in South Africa cannot sell “accredited training material” as the accreditation processes of the SETAs are linked to the individual training providers and the training provider’s Quality Management System.

Ascending About Us How We Work

We Are:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Proven within the industry – see our reviews and client lists.
  • Focussed on practical solutions
  • Learner & NQF-friendly – combining the best of both worlds for programs that pass compliance and retain maximum learning transfer every time
  • Fully trained and experienced in a wide range of manufacturing environments and equipment

Ascending Training Solutions is a Level 4 contributor to B-BBEE giving a procurement recognition level of 100%.

Our Clients

Carl Miller’s Ascending Training Solutions have provided Training Material to the following clients: